About Us

Memoryhackers.me is a Game Loader which provides many games cheat for free. All the cheats are in good state and works perfectly without any ban. Please note that you may get ban if other player report you to the game moderators.

We are a team of professional game coder and programmer. We have created several game loaders in the past. Our recent project is MemoryHackers.

We are already working on many new projects which will be released shortly. The projects we are working will change the way people play games.

Currently we are focusing on games such as Rules of survival, WolfTeam, Special Force 2 etc. Because these games has been played by millions of player therefore the demand of cheat for these games has been increased from last 2 years.

MemoryHackers has been working very hard to get the cheat works perfectly and minimize the chances of account ban. We have earlier released many cheats for different types of games. However, MemoryHackers is one of our best project till date.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Advantages of MemoryHackers

  • Our products are free to use, we don’t sell any of the products.
  • Because we have very large users, we are unable to provide instant support.
  • Generally in 3 days, we update our cheats
  • Our MemoryHackers Loader is very easy to use.

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